Matthew Stout Brittain is an Artist and Graphic Designer from the heart of North Carolina. >> He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University. Matt is a self-proclaimed genius and "Renaissance Man," who enjoys the creative output of endeavors involving fine art, design, literature, music, and video. He is an uncompromising thinker, and pondering wonderer of new and exciting ideas. Matt has been known to quip on occasion, and sometimes writes about himself in the third person.


June 3, 2009+br400+br400+br1

Panther Suit

June 3, 2009+br400+br500+br2

Zoo Animal Iconography

August 8, 2013+br650+br387+br3


June 3, 2009+br360+br278+br4


June 3, 2009+br540+br690+br5

T-shirt design

August 8, 2013+br564+br520+br6

Young Cowards

June 27, 2013+br500+br500+br7

Take Aim

August 3, 2009+br576+br409+br8

Album Art

August 3, 2009+br360+br360+br9

Beware of Gods

June 18, 2009+br450+br582+br10

Dealing With The Design

June 3, 2009+br500+br500+br11

Bomb Your Problems

June 3, 2009+br400+br540+br12

Mini Wrap

June 3, 2009+br500+br226+br13

Coffee Exchange Display

June 3, 2009+br288+br346+br14

Lindley Park Logo

June 3, 2009+br278+br206+br15

Benjamin James Logo

June 3, 2009+br648+br520+br16

Cinetour Ad

June 3, 2009+br464+br600+br17

June 27, 2013+br584+br600+br18

June 27, 2013+br656+br600+br19

June 27, 2013+br850+br637+br20

June 27, 2013+br850+br620+br21

June 27, 2013+br850+br604+br22

June 27, 2013+br850+br515+br23

June 27, 2013+br850+br628+br24

June 27, 2013+br850+br580+br25

June 27, 2013+br850+br594+br26

June 27, 2013+br792+br680+br27

June 27, 2013+br850+br600+br28

June 27, 2013+br629+br600+br29


Matt can be reached if at arms length. Saying his name or going, "Hey, You" will elicit a response. Contact can also be made via email at contact[at]mattbrittain[dot]com.